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Current Projects


King Wally's Kingdom

Action RPG

King Wally’s Kingdom is a grand story about a young man, beset by the grief of personal loss, who sets out on the adventure of his lifetime to save his mentor who has been mysteriously kidnapped. Along the way, our hero is reunited with old friends and mentors who prepare him for his dangerous, potentially deadly journey.  Unbeknownst to him, he will be joined by the most unexpected yet delightful character in his quest to rescue his mentor, confront the true source of evil behind the capture, and what they will all find out to be, an even greater, more sinister plot.

Matt SB_08_01.2.jpg


A Short Film by Frontrunner Media and Second Chance Ministries

A young man who frivolously loses all of his inheritance is faced with the consequences of his rash decisions.

Work With Us

Do you like what you see?  Then give us a shout! We may have positions available.

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