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King Wally's Kingdom

and the eternal decree

Main Cast

King Walter C Blevinsworth.png

Walter C. Blevinsworth

King of Blevinsworth

Walter C. Blevinsworth the 5th, also known as King Wally is a pompous windbag who is as jolly as he is insufferable. He is blissfully ignorant of most things in his immediately reality. Unfortunately, he is King, wears the crown, and holds all the power that comes with it. Of much saving grace, his right hand man and advisor, Sir Reginald of Dhangbury keeps him as grounded as possible and some say, the kingdom in tact.

Sir Reginald of Dhangbury

Personal Assistant to the King

As aforementioned, Reginald of Dhangbury is gravity to King Wally’s lofty reign. Despite Wally’s claims to brilliance, all things grounded and successful are of Reginald’s hand. He suffers King Wally for only one reason.  At a young age, Reginald was orphaned after the economic depression of Dhangbury, a nearby Kingdom with close family alliances. Taken in by the royal family, Reginald was raised and cared for - a lifelong debt that Wally seems to never let him forget. Nonetheless, his loyalty to the Blevinsworth family as King Wally’s right hand man is thought by many to be the anchor to the Kingdom.

Sir Reginald.png

Willoughby Family

Weston, Anne, & Christine

Weston - Our main character, descends from a line of common men, and is hard working, humble, and genuine.  Though a man of many interests and trades, his focus stays on that which brings stability, safety and care for his family.

Anne - Weston’s wife, descends from a long line of clergy and hails from the land of Euless. Sometimes seen as a zealot due to her unwavering commitment to religious tradition, at heart Anne is a soft and gentle soul. Though, in recent days, Anne has begun acting odd. Some think it the resurfacing of a troubled childhood, others - something deeper and more sinister.

Christine – A cute, lovable and rambunctious little tot, daughter to Weston and Anne. She is universally loved and, consequently, has the run of the village.

Willoughby Family 2.png

The Smith Brothers

Daks, Earnie, & Dodge

Earnie - Former weaponsmith and armorer to King Wally’s parents, Earnie now lives and works in the small  and remote market of Timberforge where sells arms to the local populace. When King Wally took the crown, he dismantled much of the infrastructure his parents and their parents had previously established, sending Earnie out of the kingdom. As a result of his expulsion, he became known and loved by many, but none more than his friend from Covenant Village, Ronald (Weston's Father).

Dodge - Younger brother to Earnie Smith, Dodge works in a fishing village off the coast and, there, leads a simple life of humble labor.  Outside of being a run of the mill fisherman, dock worker and strong manual laborer, he is an excellent swordsman.

Daks - Youngest of the three Smiths, Daks currently serves in the royal guard as a soldier. In the dismantling of the Kingdom’s infrastructure, the royal guard was left untouched. Thus, Daks remains a servant of the King. He too - a capable weapon wielder. 

Smith Brothers.png
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